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30 Days of Chlark Challenge
24. Favorite BTS story/picture/quote

“Tom and I have definitely had a relationship thats changed. I mean, I don’t think that you can help but change when you are sorta growing up together on the show. I was 18 when I got the show, Tom was 25 so we really did grow up together so I have a deep appreciation and love for Tom Welling. I think he’s an amazing man and I absolutely feel privileged to be working with him for the amount of time that I have and I look forward to going to work with him everyday.” - Allison Mack (Comic Con 2009)

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how i met @kellanlutz ! x)

Actually, it’s been almost a month ago. -blame on my super tight college schedule- And though i might have spread the news on my other social network, but i haven’t posted one here for my tumblr fellow. so, shall we begin ? ;)

Back at October 2nd, 2011 was one of the greatest moments in my entire life. I won’t ever forget that day.
Why ?
Because I MET KELLAN LUTZ in person !!!!!???!!! here, in Indonesia. in my town. how awesome is that uh !?! I am one of the lucky girls. *grins*

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Watchtower was an element of the series Smallville in the last two seasons, that was basically the main headquarters for the work-in-progress League. The building was bought by Jimmy Olsen, and co-owned by Chloe Sullivan. With the help of Oliver’s fortune, and Emil’s assistance, the place was set up in Metropolis with the latest gadgets, computers and software. The two main people in charge of Watchtower, working the computers and keeping the team together, were Chloe Sullivan, and later Tess Mercer.

A lot of people have compared the two, and picked who they ultimately believe ran the place better — and here are my views. They’re both amazing, layered characters, and Watchtower served its purpose to both characters, and they served their own purpose to Watchtower itself.

For Chloe, Watchtower was a way to help bring everyone back together, but its obvious that she also used it as a way to cut herself off from the real world. Chloe had just lost her husband, and her best friend (Clark) abandoned her, not to mention the fact that her other good friend, Oliver, disappeared off the face of the world, along with her cousin, Lois. Chloe’s trust had been broken in many different ways, and so she held up these walls that took her all season to break down.

For Tess Mercer, Watchtower was a tool she used to help show Clark, Oliver, and even Lois that she was on their side, and that she was a friend. She handled Watchtower in a professional manner, and treated it like the important job that it was - when the heroes needed her, she was there to answer their call. Watchtower also held redemption for her, that she spent so much time trying to find. Some may argue she never did find it, but the important thing is the friendships, and the bond between her and the other characters, and how they were solidified through her hard work for the League.

In the end, both characters no longer took part in running Watchtower - Chloe moved to Star City, and Tess Mercer met her unfortunate death at the hands of Lex Luthor. On the question of who ran the operation better, I would have to lean more towards Chloe. Now, like I said, they both served a purpose to the cause, and the cause to them, and my reasons as to why I chose Chloe are these:

  • Chloe was willing to go to new lengths in protecting her heroes. She never viewed herself as one of them (even though I see her as a hero in my eyes), and therefore willing to give up her world for them;
  • Watchtower felt like a natural development of Chloe’s character, and a physical interpretation of her emotional state — she held walls up to keep anyone from getting close to her, well Watchtower physically did that too;
  • Chloe spent years nurturing and protecting Clark Kent, and it only felt like a natural extension of that when she took on the role of protecting the world’s other heroes. Clark seemed to be pushing her away too, so it only felt normal that Chloe extend her assistance out to others that actually wanted/needed it. 

There are many other reasons - but just so you know, I actually loved both of them as Watchtower. I always wanted Tess to get involved, and would have loved watching the two work together on missions, and protecting Clark and the other heroes. For me, it mainly comes down to who was more willing to protect the League, and which was more natural when it came to the development of their character. Ultimately, both of them did a brilliant job. To be honest though, I’m terribly sad we didn’t see more of them:

A) Working together at Watchtower;
B) Tess as Watchtower; and …
C) Meetings at Watchtower, as a group.

Conclusion: Chloe Sullivan will always be the Watchtower go-to-gal of the series.

Great and interesting post! I couldn´t expound it better. I completely agree with you, especially  regarding all WT simbolism in Chloe and Tess development.

 If my poor english allow me  I´d like to add something more: I´m not a big fan of WT element in Chloe´s life unless it serves the purpose of Chloe being herself again…( she appears again stronger and sparkle as always… like Avefenix). On the other hand , It´s nice to see how Chloe is established as a hero in her own righ.

I think it is ridiculous that people compare Chloe and Tess as WT. The both are completely different characters. These two are incomparable, they have different reasons to stay there. Discussing who is the best runner it´s not an outstanding point. For that reason , I appreciate post like yours.

For example, Imo, it ´s more interesting to talk about final Tess ending…etc, etc.

To conclude, I´m not a fan of WT and season 9…But I like people love chloe in all her ways. :)


if Oliver ever truly loved Lois he wouldn’t have let her go. He wouldn’t have had sex with her cousin knowing he’d never have another shot with her again, and he would have bought her something on the grand scale of a satellite to prove his feelings.  And guess what rejects?—HAHAHAHAHA. He NEVER did.

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Day 07- Favorite Fanon Ship - Season 2 - 6 (Chloe & Clark) Season 6/7 -10 (Chloe & Oliver)

Chloe & Oliver why? because I think Oliver was one of the few characters who stand up, he wasn’t afraid of telling her the truth even if this was good or a bad thing in her. Oliver made her smile, laugh, she was happy for the first time in her life Chloe had someone who understand her and didn’t take life of being a hero as a burden. For the first time in her life she felt love and she didn’t have to explain her self or the decisions she made regarding Clark. Oliver wasn’t jealous of Clark, he understand, he knew the truth, with Jimmy he will never be able to understand Chloe as an resource for the Justice League, her friendship/love for Clark and he sacrifices she needed to make in her life.

Oliver accept her as an “honorary” member of the Justice League, at season 6. He saw her potential and without asking he invite her as a member of the JLA. Chloe enjoyed being with heroes, she felt useful and cared.

He didn’t limit the potential in Chloe, Oliver help her to accept her destiny and support her in every decision. Even when they did not agree, they respected each other decision and move on, Oliver trusted her, even when he didn’t understand what was going on, like Odyssey when Clark was dying and she said to him, she could save Clark, or Bloodline when she hacked the kryptonian crystal with Brainiac powers.

They both made mistakes, they both give up on love… Chloe needed a porpuse in her life, she was looking for something that make her happy a passion like when she was a reporter.

Oliver was tired of trying to be this perfect hero/person, saving people when he needed to be save from himself; he was alone, depressed, tired of the same. He needed to refocus his life as a hero. Chloe help him face that depression in a unconventional way, because Olive is stubborn and had a strong personality, everybody tried talking to him, being with him and any of that worked. So she  brought that hero back.

They complement each other, because they understand each other, they care about each other…. They need each other.

Clark: I know it’s not my place to say—.
Oliver: Then don’t say anything.
Clark: But after everything Chloe’s been through, I don’t want to see her get hurt.
Oliver: Heh. That’s good. You know she’s stronger than you think she is though.
Clark: One of her strengths is giving people what they need and sacrificing what she wants.
Oliver: Well how do you know this isn’t what she wants?
Clark: Just don’t take her for granted.

Chloe: Maybe we should just say that next time you won’t take advice about relationships from Clark Kent.

Oliver: You know, speaking of Clark. For future references..and, you know.. strictly for environmental purposes… next time you want to take a shower with someone, Chloe, you can just ask me.
Chloe: I can’t remember blacking out and I wish I could forget waking up.
Oliver: Who can deny that, right? Wasn’t there a time when you would give just about anything to stare at that farmers tan and all his glory, I’m guessing?

Chloe: That was a long time ago. Like, in a Smallville far, far away. I mean okay, yeah, I did love Clark. A lot. And I waited for years for him to see that. To see… me. But even with his x-ray vision he never did. And more than that. I just wanted someone who would get me. And as good a friend as Clark is, he’s never gonna be that person. It’s just fine. Really. I mean, that wounds have healed over a thousand super-saves ago. Now they’re just scars.

Oliver: It’s Clark’s loss.

Oliver: Ah. you know, it’s, hum,… funny thing about scars. They’re always there. Doesn’t mean they haven’t healed. Sometimes then ca be king of cute too. You have one in particular that I’m actua-.

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